Wednesday, November 25, 2009

European Street Team Sales Fairy

A month ago or so, my Etsy/Twitter friend Mitsy of Artmind suggested I join the Etsy European Street Team. I'm so glad I did! They are playing a game right now where members catch & release a Sales Fairy for other members. Read more about it here
I captured a beautiful fairy and she arrived in the mail yesterday all the way from France! Here is the listing from BlueTerracotta

First I introduced her to Oscar.

Then I hung her on the bookshelf next to my beading table where she wil live.

She looks smart so I'm sure she'll enjoy reading my craft books!

She will be able to enjoy a view of Mt. Etna out my window. Today is a beautiful day with sun & blue skys.

Thank you Laura for creating such a beautiful fairy! You are a true artist. The note said she will bring me prosperity and abundance. I hope so, because I'm having a jewelry party next week!