Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Crafty Supplies

On a recent trip to Vicenza, I spotted a little sewing shop with a sign I couldn't resist...50% OFF! Even though I can only sew a little, I still managed to walk out with 40 euro (remember 1/2 off, so really 80!) of ribbon, along some wooden beads & a few buttons. I got one or two meters of this and that, with no idea what in the world I'll do with this stuff. I just couldn't resist these funky, vintage ribbons. The shop owner said most of what I chose was in the store 10 years ago when they took it over. Even hula girls! How cute! I also got this beautiful lace trim, which I will probably use somehow in a jewelry design.
I welcome any suggestions as to what I should do with these pretties. Or perhaps some fellow Etsian would be able to create something for me?